By David Sinclair


Today, Holloway (82) and Terry (66) celebrated birthdays. The KBC and Safwa sang to them this morning at breakfast and they were honored once again during the evening service.

It’s hard to believe this was our last full day of ministry. During the morning, we spent time in the surrounding villages storying in the local schools. The children and Head Master were thrilled to have visitors. The Head Master believes the children need to know about God. Imagine that!

The area we were in this morning was a few miles from the rim of an old volcano. The Head Master told us about a spring in a nearby ravine that we must see. On our way back to camp, we took a small detour to see it. As we descended into the ravine near the creek, we could hear the hissing of gas escaping through a vent in the ground. When we reached the creek, it looked like boiling water. Amazingly, it was cold. We also observed the carcasses of several small animals in a feeder creek near the vent and decided there was something not too good about this place, so we made our way back to camp.

We went back into the villages during the afternoon, targeting areas where we could reach larger groups of people. There were several decisions for Christ including a village leader.

We ended the evening with a celebration service. Our time here was very well spent as we and the Safwa grew spiritually over the past week. We will miss each other, but know the friends we’ve made will be praying for us and we will be praying for them.

We will break camp at 4:00 AM to begin the journey back. It’s time to call it a day as the snores rise from the camp site. I need to join the symphony.

Blessings all,