By Ross Sinclair

Last night we experienced a heavy thunderstorm. This is an unusual occurrence since it is the dry season. It made for some really good sleeping weather.

We had a breakfast of tortillas, peanut butter, and honey. We washed it down with some coffee and chai.

The ministry day started with more teaching. We have not done any house to house evangelism this trip. This year’s focus has been to train the trainers. We are teaching the Safwa team the church planting material with the expectation that they will teach this material in their home congregations. It was exciting to watch them strategize on ways to reach specific people groups. Hopefully this will result in exponential growth. We also discussed  strategies for the discipleship of new believers.  It’s not quite as exciting as door to door evangelism but it is kingdom work non the less. On second thought, equipping the Tanzania church to win Tanzania for Christ is pretty exciting.

TZ 10
Bill and Terry went to town to run errands and replenish our supply of water. They came back with some fresh fruit and tomatoes. Mama Naomi turned the tomatoes into a gravy for the ugali. It was delicious. After the lipid comment yesterday I have decided I’m going to eat more fruit. I devoured about 4 of these mini-bananas. They were much better than any I have had in the States.

No Hablo spent a portion of the day providing pastoral counseling to those who needed it. Gil has a special bond with the Safwa. It is neat to see how they interact with him.

Since Gil is in somewhat of an incapacitated state due to his ankle he has been relying heavily on his tent-mate Joseph. You can hear him say Joseph go for water or Joseph go for food. Joseph’s nickname is now Gopher.

TZ 11
The evening worship service was preceded by a time of music and dancing. It is amazing what you can do with a generator, a 100-watt sound system and a 40-watt light bulb. Evil Eye got out there and kicked up some dust. It was great to watch Carmen worship The Lord through dance with her Tanzanian brothers and sisters in Christ.

The sermon is over and the dance party is starting again. I think I will join in. It is a good day in Tanzania.