By Karl Kurz

Last night after I sent the last update about 13 of us on the team gathered under a small lantern and shared. A few had already given their testimony to everyone here but we had 10 more share how they came to the body of Christ. A precious time under the stars of Tanzania sharing how we each were called to the family. We also shared and discussed the work of the Holy Spirit and how He is moving in fresh and exciting ways.  The testimony of the saints is a powerful piece of the gospel! One of the high points of the trip was this time of sharing — and we can do this in the States if we just slow down and fellowship with each other.

Here is a quick review of everyone’s nicknames:

Bill C.  Is. 1.5 times
Holloway S. is Colonel
Karl K is Bucee
Dave S. is Big Dave
Ross S. is Last Rites Ross
Bryan S. is Birdman
Travis S. is Sukuma
Carol S. is Cannibal
Amy I. is Better Out than In
Phil Z. is Currently Guilty
Brianna C. is Pigtails
Curtis C. is Twinkle Toes
Gil G. is No Hablo
Mike K. is Iron Mike
Tammy B. is Mom
Weston B. is Ridgeback
Terry W. is Inspector Gadget
Lauren Z. is Tigger

Not an easy task to complete this year!

Back to the pig. I forgot to share and make clear a few things. This was a whole pig so I was able to introduce hog jowls to several team members. It is an absolutely delicious piece of meat in the cheeks of a pig. We also bonded by sharing some pig tongue together. We skipped the liver and gave it to Zamoni who led us through the market.   On the 1-10 man scale this whole adventure with pig was an 11! Next year we are looking to try a cape buffalo!

With deep regrets to Ross, he endured me taking a baby wipe bath in the tent. We are bonded for life. My odor has been checked for the time being and I am not alone and part of a true man’s club that hasn’t showered since we left Durbin Inn and won’t until Ruaha.

This morning we went to different schools to share. Last Rites, Iron Mike, Twinkle Toes and I shared Bible stories and the gospel with 96 children. There were 360 at this school and when I asked Ross to take a pic of them with me, he was almost stampeded as everyone jockeyed for position in the front. Thankfully the headmaster restored order to prevent having to perform Last Rites on Last Rites Ross! It was a joy to share with these children.

Tonight was our last service together with song, testimony, teaching, and reports from our outreach. The pastor says the area has been changed by a bunch of white men in green trucks! The Holy Spirit deserves all the praise! Tonight it was shared how the first chapter of 1st Thessalonians could be easily changed into a letter from us to the Safwa. Please read it and change Paul, Timothy, and Silas to friends from America and change Macedonia and Achia to Tanzania. This is what is going on here!

Up early tomorrow with another long TZ drive but a hot shower and good meal awaits.  I, for one, dearly miss my 5 girls!

Enjoying the promised power of the Holy Spirit,