By Ross Sinclair

After 32 hours of straight travel we finally made it to the village of Ifumbo. It is a beautiful place. I imagine this is what Eden may have liked like.

TZ 2
The trip has had its interesting moments. First you will notice that Gil is not in the group picture. Gil twisted his ankle a few weeks prior to the trip. This injury afforded him VIP treatment. He had an airport entourage that wheeled him from gate to gate. He got priority treatment and he used a fast pass to go through security. Consequently, he spent his time in Istanbul sequestered from the rest of the group. He said he didn’t like it but I think he really enjoyed all the attention. I’m thinking of faking a hamstring injury so I can join him on the way home.

TZ 1
We had on crisis moment at the DAR airport. Terry and his passport and boarding pass got separated as he went through security. That can be a desperate situation when you are over seas. Lesser men would have crumbled under the pressure but Terry never lost his calm demeanor. Literally a few minutes before our flight was to leave his passport was turned in to security. Praise The Lord!

We are spending the afternoon resting and visiting with our Safwa brothers and sisters. Apparently we are still tired.  Inspector gadget, Terry is trying to convince the group that there is a mongoose hanging upside down from a tree in camp. There will be more discussion on the mongoose situation but generally group hallucinations are not pretty. More nicknames to come!