By Karl Kurz

Up at 4.30 AM to have bags ready for loading at 5:00 AM. On the road at 5.30 AM. Road is not really an accurate term. Let’s say we started 4 wheeling at 5.30 AM for only an hour until we hit pavement.

Ten hours later, we arrived at Ruaha! Game drive into lodge revealed kudu, impala, elephant, hippo, crocs, baboons, and lions. Two lioness were within 7 yards of the road near a large male kudu kill. Very cool for those that like animal kingdom stuff.

Travis, Westin, Ross, and I are drinking Stony Tangawizi on the deck overlooking the river. Showered, shaved, and fresh clothes combined with a cool breeze and God’s creation makes for four very happy men.

Dinner consisted of rice, peas in curry sauce, baby carrots, turnips, roasted potatoes, green beans, bread, and lamb with a brown gravy. Oh yes, dessert is lemon meringue pie!  One fantastic meal!

Two nights and a full day at Ruaha is allows for recovery and reflection on the last few days of ministry. The local Safwa are very excited about the impact of the trip and the expansion of their fellowship. Many seeds were planted and some already sprouted in fertile soil for the kingdom.

In bed with flashlight handy when I hear a hippo grazing outside.

God bless you,