By Ross Sinclair

Today got off to a tough start for me. Let me set the stage.

The weather here in Ifumbo has been quite cold. It has been overcast and windy with a few sprinkles of rain. The temperature this morning was around 42. I was eating my mandazi (Tanzanian donut) and enjoying my morning coffee. The others in the group were laughing because one of the interpreters, Emanuel, said that he was cold because he did not have many lipids. He said that Baba Mathayo (me) has many lipids. I’m not sure what a lipid is but I’m pretty sure it is Swahili for fat. Emanuel said in Tanzania it is prestigious to have lipids. It is a sign of great wealth. Apparently I’m banking in Tanzania. It’s nice to be in a culture that has an appreciation for girth. The team has begun to refer to me as Lipid Man. I think I prefer Last Rights Ross.

The training classes continued in the morning.

In the afternoon No Hablo, Evil Eye, Inspector Gadget, and Twinkle Toes took Melinda, Bri, and Joseph to a local public school. The team shared Bible stories and played games with the kids. There were over 300 kids who heard the stories.

1 1/2 times and I got a report on how the Safwa are using the solar-powered audio players. These players are loaded with 72 Bible stories and 10 True Love Waits lessons. The Safwa missionaries are using them in their evangelism and church planting efforts. They are used to teaching new believers the stories of the Bible. We gave them 20 new players.

At dinner we had a sweet time of fellowship. We shared our personal testimonies and shared our lives. It was a good bonding time.

The day of ministry came to a close as Inspector Gadget showed the Jesus film to a crowd of approximately 150 people.

Please pray for the local Ifumbo church as they contemplate the restoration of a brother in Christ.

I hope my lipids will keep me warm tonight because it’s kind of chilly.