By Karl Kurz

Last evening ended with a large group around a campfire asking each other questions about their respective countries. The Safwa were quite amazed that no dowry was paid for a wife in America. Several of our guys tried to explain that the cost occurred after the marriage and lasted a long, long time! Beth, you know that I disagreed vehemently. They were more amazed when they learned that the bride’s family paid for all the wedding They wanted us to explain how that could be!

Sidebar message to Dayna Sinclair — either the puppy’s name is Ross’ first choice of Lucy (short for Lucifer which means Deceiver, since Ross didn’t want a puppy but got one anyway) or he gets to name it. He is leaning towards Neema (which means “grace” which Ross is extending to you) or Swala which means hunter in Swahili.

This morning Bill, Ross, and I went to market. We are seeking to procure a 50 kilo hog, wire mesh, choco (charcoal), matches, shovel, and 15 cases of water. This is not like stopping at Sam’s. This is a “market”.

The pig has been killed and is now being taken to the butcher. We wanted a whole pig for a Tanzanian luau with us three leading the cooking. We just got the pig. We thought it would be 55 kilos live weight but it is 55 kilos cleaned! It is a beautiful sow with a nice layer of fat. Another direction for the wire mesh and another for the matches which only cost us 100 sh or 8 cents. Found a guy on a bike with a bag of choco (charcoal) and paid up to get it — 14000 sh or 9$. The bag is about 5 bushels!

Afternoon outreach for me was a blessing from our Lord. Carol and I went out together. She is so passionate in her story telling and we had about 27 listening at one house with most of them children. From there we went to another house where was a very old man. Carol shard the story of angels and Lucifer. He wanted another story but I felt the Holy Spirit telling me no Bible Story just Jesus. The Holy Spirit shared God’s righteous standard, God’s love, and the only way to the Father. He accepted by faith during our talk and prayed with us afterwards. Carol and I will be honored to introduce you to him in eternity.  For anyone that reads this and is not sure you will be there to meet him, I will gladly buy you a pork chop at Perry’s to discuss how to be sure you too will enjoy eternity!

The pit has been dug and the banana leaves cut. Up at dawn to start the fire and lather that pig in Stub’s BBQ sauce and Tony’s Chacherie. I will advise tomorrow of the outcome. A few of you will know how much I am looking forward to eating tomorrow night!

Jesus Film team went out to show it in a neighboring village. We are expecting a big turn out. Will advise as soon as they get back.

We went ahead and started the pig bake. It may be absolutely awesome or it may be a disaster. I know your anticipation doesn’t compare to ours but that baby is slow baking in pig fat, BBQ sauce, and umm-umm good spices. We all agreed that it can’t be worse than what we ate at Durban Park Inn.

They returned with great news of over 200 attending. They had to move the showing from inside to outside the church. It is 11:45 PM so I will get more details tomorrow.

Absolutely worn out but blessed,

P.S. Tomorrow church, soccer match, a lesson, a hike, and pulled pork. What are we doing?