By Karl Kurz

A cool Sunday morning began with sounds of Swahili conversations coming from many tents in camp. There is an extra level of excitement since this is Sunday morning and we are going to church. Watching the our hosts cleaning their shoes and putting on their Sunday best for the Lord demonstrates a level of reverence that we often lack. Worship is done with passion, abandoning any fears, wholehearted and aerobic! With three sermons and about twelve songs, church ended after 3 hours.

We were pleased to see smoke rising from the buried pig. Excitement is building for tonight’s meal.

Tammy is now officially “Mom”. She is always making sure Ridgeback (age 24) is okay. She has assumed motherly duties for the whole group. When in the past someone would get too close to the edge of a hill, we would watch to see if a fall worthy of a blog would occur. Thankfully we have “mom” to warn everyone if they get too close to the edge.

Mike Kelly is officially “Iron Mike”. He (age 71) just keeps going with a great outlook and appreciation for all he experiences.

Travis is officially “Sukuma” which is a TZ tribe that is known for having tall people. Trip nicknames are now completed.

Tonight, Weston did a great job teaching how the Holy Spirit convicts us of sin. After he finished, we headed to dinner…

Oh yea dinner…around 5.30, after 19 hours in the ground, we went to excavate the pig. We knew it wouldn’t be undercooked at this point. We were mostly concerned with minimizing dirt damage. With precision of an archeological team using brushes and by hand we unearthed the pig in about 25 minutes. Anything less than spectacular would be an understatement!  Another 30 minutes of deboning left us with burned fingertips and about 40 lbs of mouth-watering, succulent, eye pleasing, fall-off-the-bone pork.  One word…FEAST!

Another team is off to show the Jesus Film in a different location. Oh, I almost forgot, the village chief was one of many that professed faith in our savior Jesus Christ last night at the Jesus Film!

Chillin under the TZ sky,