By David Sinclair


The morning brought us low clouds and an occasional sprinkle. That’s a good trade for slightly warmer temperatures. We went back to the same area that we were in yesterday. Yesterday we mainly visited homes along the top of the ridge. Today, we visited homes along other ridges.  My team was fortunate to pass by a house where Curtis and Carol were storying. The attached picture is typical of the setting for this type of ministry. It should be noted that there’s only one way to get from one ridge to the next — straight down and straight up! Well, almost. We were not very strategic on how the teams got set up, but all teams did well. In the afternoon, greater attention was given to those team members over 60 Let’s just say that Advil will be on the menu tonight.

We continue to reach people for Christ and identify unchurched people looking for a church to attend. The local Safwa are excited. There’s no ridge too far for them!

We are expecting a great day tomorrow. We’ve been informed that our choir must be ready. The good news is that we have a plan.

Finally, a pig arrived in camp today courtesy of Bill, Karl, and Ross. The pig has a key role tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Blessings all,