By Karl Kurz

I have tried to protect the young and innocent but it was pointed out to me that Brianna is only young. So I need to report on a Day 4 event. As we rambled down the road, we ran upon one of many police stops. However this time our vehicle was stopped. Though instructed to wear our seat belts, Pigtails decided not to and this rebellious act resulted in a 30,000 shilling fine and a ticket for our driver. He was escorted into the PoPo station to address the charges. A reduction to 15,000 shillings and no ticket was offered — we accepted. We should have offered up Pigtails and would have if the fine was a shilling over 15,000 (approximately $9).

Last night was a great time with Travis giving his testimony of struggles with conquering recurring sin. Jesus Film and worship was great with growing attendance each night for the service. Fellowship around the campfire went to eleven and then Ross and I spent another 45 minutes discussing the Holy Spirit and the Book of Matthew.  Some days are better than others and this day was a big better day!

Breakfast was a tortilla with peanut butter and honey followed by a Tanzanian donut and an Imodium. Spending too much time in the Choo required some changes to the routine here!

Spent the morning sharing the truth with villagers, men, women, and children. Prayed for healing for a sweet baby with severe disabilities. Wish we had more time to pray for her in person. My heart was deeply moved by this child. I so want God to heal her. Afternoon was spent sharing again with the villagers. We met with three young men who were building very high quality stools with a hand saw and a plane. We bought 3 for the church for 80 cents each and then they carried them back to our vehicle for us (a 25 minute walk).

Another only in Tanzania item, we have a 20 by 20 yard square where some boys play soccer with us. Today a stray ball went over the edge, one of the young boys went full speed after it. Now this is a 60 degree slope! We gasped thinking of what was happening. He sailed about 25′ in the air, hit the ground, and did a roll landing on his feet still going full speed for another 30-40′ before getting to the ball. We ran around saying “Did you see that?!”. Amazing!

Church service and then dinner. I can’t comment on lunch or dinner since I choose not to partake! Church service was great as Birdman gave his testimony and Amy gave a lesson on the Holy Spirit with theatrical participation by many!

It is very cool tonight and the stars are beyond compare. The heavens truly do declare His Glory! Shortly, a full moon will rise providing an amazing cascade of light into the valleys on all sides of us. Another “you just have to be here” to fully appreciate.

This trip is very different from the past trips for me. For example, Carol “Cannibal” decorated our camp with vases of flowers. The ladies seem to constantly be washing their hair and appearing in clean clothes. Some of the men are being affected. So sad to see them losing their man-card and not even knowing it! I shall remain strong with only baby wipe baths until Ruaha park. I am having to wear socks now at night because of an unknown substance buildup in the end of my sleeping bag. As long as it stays down there I think that I will be okay.

God is good and He still loves me in my “stinky” condition. I fear an intervention for me may occur before Tuesday night.

Praising His Mighty Name,

P.S.  Tomorrow I begin to extract by revenge on the swine family. Wish George was here.