By David Sinclair
06 July 2012


Last night was our coldest night yet. Nobody’s certain just how cold it got, but most believe it was in the 30’s. The great news is that we are prepared for that kind of weather.

We were blessed by another beautiful day — teaching during the morning and working in the villages in the afternoon. Carol, Brianna and I  went out in the afternoon to do “storying”. We met with a large group of men and women that had just buried a member of their village. We shared the gospel with them and 3 prayed to receive Christ. We then met a group of children along a narrow ridge and shared with them. On our return we encountered another one of the groups that was visiting with some kids getting ready to play soccer. After visiting with them, we watched them play for a while. I believe they enjoyed having spectators.

We ended the day around the fire asking and answering questions and sharing stories about our respective countries. Just before many of us turned in for the evening, we gathered at a strategic point on the ridge to watch the moon rise. Some (Carol) had already gone to bed. The sky on the horizon behind the mountain to the east becomes extremely bright 5-7 minutes before the moon comes up. We made such a big deal about what was happening that we convinced others to come see and also forced Carol to get up. With the sides to the tent going in every direction, it looked like she was wrestling a buffalo as she got herself ready. When she finally appeared dressed and in her red wool socks, flip-flops, and glasses we realized we were now closer as a team. (I had permission to write this and will survive to see another sunrise).

Blessings all,