By David Sinclair


We awoke this morning to a pleasant surprise as a blanket of clouds move in during the night and kept the temperature in the 50’s. Our first full day of ministry went very well. All the nervous jitters the team had were laid to the side as we fanned out into the surrounding villages. As always, God fills the gaps and covers his children. There were several decisions for Christ and tonight the church was almost overflowing with people.

We also set up our cinema facility to show the Jesus film. The attached photo shows the sophistication of the team as we selected a key location on the ridge where we could safely park a vehicle to provide adequate support for our screen. Right now, the temps are easily in the mid-40’s and the ridge is packed with people. Special thanks to Terry and Phil for making this happen.

I (now) admit my prejudice in subject selection, but something very special occurred tonight during our church service. We always have a testimony time and my son Travis shared with the group his struggles and how God is working in his life. It was particularly meaningful to not only myself, Carol, and the other members of the team, but also for the Safwa and others in attendance as we watched him courageously stand before the assembly. It reinforced with all that no matter the struggle, trying to go it alone with a life struggle will lead to defeat. Laying your pride to the side and relying on God to help pull you is the only way to go. Praise God that He is faithful and just!

Blessing all