By David Sinclair


We traveled from Ruaha to Dar Es Salaam today and are now at our hotel, CEFA House. It was a long 12+ hour drive. No major concerns other than typical TZ traffic and highway maneuvers that would cause most Americans to go into shock.

We learned today that in TZ there is the road and then……there is the road. An accident on the highway ahead threatened to delay us indefinitely. Our drivers……being the resourceful professionals they are……exited the highway and traveled over to a dirt road parallel to the highway. I wouldn’t classify it as an “access road”, but it served a good purpose for us. Aside from a few hard bumps, this worked out very well. Going through the herd of cattle as we got back onto paved road capped off a nice detour on what has been a very long day. Our driver. Ezekiel said, “we are in a Land Rover, it’s not a problem”. I guess he’s right, they don’t call the vehicles Land Rover’s for no good reason.

We depart Dar tomorrow afternoon at 4:50 PM (9:00 AM Houston time) to begin the air portion of our return. We’ve heard that weather has been a problem in Houston, so we’ll monitor things from here and try to let folks know what the airlines are saying.

Blessings all,