By Karl Kurz

Well, I do have more to share from last night. I have been in some crazy traffic situations before — from Beijing, Ghana, NYC, and to Jakarta which had always been the worst even over TZ from my last two trips. However Dar Es Salaam in 2012 is the worst, most bizarre, craziest traffic I have ever seen. It started when we came upon a wreck on the major (2 lane) highway. We sat for about 30 seconds and then four-wheeled down a dirt ride which was somewhat adjacent to the highway. In Dar I saw lines of traffic facing each other in a single lane. I saw a driver cutting through lanes of traffic leave his car blocking two lanes to go coordinate the movement of about 7 vehicles so he could get through. We often jumped into the oncoming traffic lane creating a one way street out of a two way street. When the oncoming traffic mustered enough force they would reclaim their rightful lane by force. While Pigtails “squealed” at each near collision, Sukuma, Ridgeback and I grew more encouraging and appreciative of the driving display we were witnessing. I am convinced that concealed handguns ensure that Houston won’t attain this level of chaotic traffic disorder.

Today we learned what Ross’ rash around his eye is — “Nairobi Eye”. Some fly peed on his eye and when he brushed it away he spread the “liquid” which has left a mild chemical burn. We think it produces a slow death unnoticed by the host. “They” say he only has 50 years or so left to live.

Driver was supposed to be here at 8.30 to start the day. He showed up at 9.30. As Ross says “Semper Gumby” which means “always flexible”. Off to the the carver’s market where the market revealed Pigtails as being the best shopper/negotiator as she played the role of an “I am only a child and don’t have any money”. Mom gets the impulse buyer award as she bought a 4′ giraffe without much consideration to getting it home. The most popular item was elephant hair bracelets for the men with 22 being bought (13 by Inspector Gadget). The market is always fun for all.

Through check-in which took about an hour and preparing to board. Land in Dubai around 11.30 PM.

I had a good visit with Iron Mike Kelly on the flight. We discussed what made this trip so special. It is the evangelical focus, the joy of the people of TZ, the passion for Christ of the Safwa missionaries, the structure for continued discipleship for those who make decisions for Christ, the grounding of those who come from so much (us) and see those that have so little, the children, did I say the children?, and the beauty of the land. It is a blessing.

Tomorrow will be day 14, and the last and final update from TZ 2012.

Goodnight from Dubai.

PS | Watching John Wayne in Rio Bravo. Good stuff!