By Karl Kurz

Day 3 began at 3:45 AM with bags packed and ready for loading at 4:30 AM. Breakfast of tortillas, honey, and peanut butter followed by a 4:55 AM departure to beat the traffic. Classic Tanzania drive highlighted by near death experiences and all the other sights and sounds of Tanzania.  A new Tanzania drive experience today was seeing the aftermath of a herd of cattle getting hit on the road during the night. I counted at least five cows being dressed and butchered by a large crowd that were gong to eat well for a week!

I was blessed to be with Brianna (aka “pigtails”), Weston (aka “ridgeback”), Amy, and Travis in our range rover, as well as The Young Guns and Bucee!

Two more nicknames have been assigned. After a discussion about long rides in tight quarters, Amy is now also known as “Better out than in” and Phil is “Currently guilty”. No more explanation can be given.

During the drive, Amy shared how God had powerfully called her to Tanzania seven years ago.  Committing to four months, she spent 18 months serving in a remote village, returning to the states in 2007. Her love of the Lord and love of  the people of Tanzania is inspiring. She has instructed us to make sure she gets on the plane home and doesn’t try to stay here. Blessed to get to know a sister in Christ while serving together.

We arrived in Makenbako after 13.5 looooong hours on the road. Traveling with 19 people is going fairly well. I have had two Stony Tangewizi’s so am feeling quite mellow. Not a perfect substitute for Laphroig, but refreshing!

Tomorrow we meet up with our Safwa brothers and sisters and it will be a time of renewing and refreshing with dear friends. Thanks for lifting us up!

Heading to dinner. Going for fish cause last time at this place I ordered chicken and got 4 inches of chicken neck.

Seeking His favor and enabling power,