By David Sinclair

After 2 long days of travel, we are finally on the ground in Dar Es Salaam and am beginning to write this as we navigate heavy traffic on the way to Cefa House. It was good to see the familiar faces of Momma Monica and our drivers from previous years. It seems odd the nearly 6 hour flight today seemed like a hop, skip, and a jump compared to yesterday’s 15+ hour flight from Houston to Dubai. Speaking of Dubai, we spent last night (Sunday) in Dubai and were able to take a 3 hour tour of the city. It’s really an amazing place and hard to imagine that prior to 1960 the place did not hardly exist. Tour highlights were the Dubai Fountains at the base of the world’s tallest building (Berg Kalifa – 160 stories high) and the indoor snow skiing facility at the Mall of the Emirates.

Sounds like all play and no work, but there are always a few perks along the way on every trip. The real journey begins tomorrow as we plan to depart Dar at 5:00 AM for the 1.5 day trip to the village of Ifumbo. There’s growing anticipation amongst the team of what God has planned.

We are now at Cefa and have completed dinner. It is a pleasant evening. The moon is high over the Indian Ocean. Wake up call is in 7.5 hours at 4:00 AM. It was a good day. Time to get some rest.