By David Sinclair

Greetings from Camp Mjele.

The wind and dust is absolutely brutal this evening, but we had a fantastic day of ministry. Me and Carol covered preaching and teaching assignments in Mjele. Ross, Kaylyn, and Curtis handled responsibilities at the Taturu village.  Reagan, Shelby, and Holloway were at the church in Njelenge (preaching twice) and Bill, Terry, and Michelle hiked for 1.5 hours into and 2 hours out of the mountains to visit a Nsongwe village.

TZ 2013 Preachingat Mjele
Bill and his team left at 7:00 am and did not return until 7:00 pm. Bill assured me this morning they had all the logistical details worked out and that they were taking a short cut. I told him if his team did not return that his last recorded words would be “I’m taking a short cut.” The team was led up the steep trail by an 80 year old pastor wearing street shoes. After a few missed rendezvous opportunities we finally picked them up a couple of hours before dark. During the trip, a member of a neighboring Maasi tribe wanted to know why their village has not been visited. This problem will be solved tomorrow as a team will return to the mountains.

Another team will also visit the local school tomorrow to share the gospel. While our time slot for this opportunity is very narrow, it will be another great opportunity to reach the community.

Please continue to lift us up as our last full day of ministry is tomorrow. It’s been encouraging to see the response to the gospel in this area.

Blessings all,

TZ 2013 Camp Life

Life at Camp Mjele.