By David Sinclair

Greetings from Camp Mjele.

We had another great day of weather and ministry. Similar to yesterday, we did storying and training. Both trips to the villages today had interesting events happen. Ross and Kaylyn rode on the outside of one of the vehicles on the way back to camp. The problem was that they followed a bus on a dusty road. Oddly, both of them had green paint from the vehicle on their hands from hanging on. It had to be a fun time. They both learned the true meaning of “eat my dust.”

My vehicle got lost. Sooner or later it just had to happen. We normally stay on the roads, but both trips into bush to visit Maasi villages over the past two days deviated from well-marked roads. As we began our journey back, trails that looked like roads played out. Myself and two others got out of the vehicle to try and help clear a path. I found motorcycle tracks heading to or coming from the direction we needed to be going and convinced one of the locals we should follow the tracks. Note: When the locals shrug their shoulders about your location or where we need to go, you’re in trouble. Regardless, we finally emerged onto the main road about 4 miles from our village. It was another great adventure. Did I mention flat tire #4? No problem!

Shelby finally earned her name today. We realized she could not describe the community bathroom known as the choo (show).  She is now our “choo phob.” She has since found it and is still underwhelmed with its simplicity.

Tomorrow is Sunday and the team will divide into 4 groups to lead church in the surrounding villages. Preaching responsibilities have fallen on Bill, Ross, Reagan, and myself. Terry, Kaylyn, Shelby, and Carol will lead church-wide Bible studies. Please pray for the teams as many of the members are taking on these roles for the first time.

Blessings all,