By David Sinclair


We traveled to some neighboring villages to do storying today. Well, at least one was neighboring. The other was a 2 hour trip into the mountains. The planned arrival of that group at 1:00 pm back in camp did not occur until 4:30 pm and reinforced the traditional motto for the Tanzanian  mission team — Semper Gumby (always flexible). Several decisions for Christ were made today with team.

We also did training with local church on resolving conflict with traditional beliefs and what the Bible teaches. It was a lively session with great exchange between the participants. These sessions will continue through the weekend.

Our camp weathered several dust devils today and gusty winds this afternoon. Our equipment is holding up well.  The dry and dusty conditions reminded me of my college days in Lubbock. Note to the team: do not take a shower in a dust storm, it becomes a mud bath.

I’m not sure what goes on outside the tent at around 3:30 am to 5:00 am, but the dogs  begin to howl. Please continue to lift us up and add a kinder/more gentle breeze to that list.

Blessing all,