By David Sinclair

Greetings from Camp Mjele.

Thank you for your prayers regarding the wind. It was a perfect day and we have a cool breeze this evening. We continue to work through a few technical issues with the video equipment, but daylight should give us the light we need to work through the problem. We had a 3rd tire go flat this morning. The drivers have the situation under control, but you should have seen the size of stick they pulled out of tire this morning!

Ministry went well again today in the villages as did the cultural traditions and church plant training. Over the past two days, several of the villagers have shared food after we visited with them (mazungu, peanuts, potatoes, etc.). The Colonel put us all to shame as he came back to camp today with a live chicken. What a guy! We have decided to name it Karl. No particular reason to do this, but it just seemed like the right thing to do. Being the generous man that he is, the Colonel has offered it up as a part of either lunch or supper tomorrow. No worries as we’re bringing home the head for a shoulder mount.

It’s a tradition with the team that each member earns a nickname. Kaylyn has earned the name as the “Noodler” for being able to do tricks with spaghetti. Reagan has earned the name of “100 Cows”. The locals tell me that she bring that much as a bride and that I should be proud. I’m not sure how I feel about that, but I’m proud of her anyway.

The ministry schedule is constantly changing and several team members will have some expanded roles in the days to come. As this develops I will provide more details.

Please continue to lift us up in prayer.

Blessings all,