By David Sinclair

Camp Mjele is established! It is 3:20 am and I just awoke to the sounds of what I thought were rain drops on the tent. It turned out to be a loose tent flap. However, as I stepped out of the tent to investigate, I was greeted by a crystal clear African night sky. God’s creation is spectacular! Stars we don’t see because of light pollution and global position are all now in perfect view. God has wonderful ways of reminding us of his greatness.

Travel went well yesterday. We made it to the camp location just as the smaller vehicle suffered a tire puncture. Any other location along the road would have been a difficult dusty mess to manage a tire change.

Our Safwa brothers and sisters filtered into the camp throughout the day and our translators arrived. The team is now assembled. Ministry begins in just a few hours.

The cell signal is poor and I will post as service permits. Fewer photos over the next several days. I’m going to try and grab a few more hours of sleep.

Blessings all,