By David Sinclair

We have finally made it to Dar Es Salaam and are at the hotel having dinner. The flight portion of our inbound trip is complete and the land journey begins at 5:00 am tomorrow morning. We will spend the better portion of the next two days on the road (and off, occasionally) traveling to the village of Mjele located a few hours north of Mbeya in southwestern Tanzania.

TZ 2013 Arrival
It is always a special time reuniting with our drivers, Fideli and Ali. They do a great job navigating difficult driving conditions here in Tanzania. The 13 km trip from the airport to the hotel took (only) 2.5 hours this evening. The photo below is one the better traffic maneuvers we encountered. The early start will help us avoid these type of traffic conditions.

TZ 2013 Traffic
While the travel has been long, all has gone as planned. Please continue to lift us up in prayer as we begin our overland journey.

Blessings all,