By Bill Crenshaw, Team Leader

It’s July 4th, Happy Birthday America !

Kingsland is headed back to the Tanzania bush this July 13-27. We have a team of 10 this year who will continue our Bible-storying initiative and training of Safwa missionaries and local church members. Please pray for God to prepare hearts and that He will be glorified in everything. There is a map and more details about this ministry below from last years blog, which is a great read and captures how special serving there is.

Please encourage friends and family to follow our trip and to sign-up at to receive trip updates.

The two most common questions I get asked are, “Where are you going in Africa” and “What are you going to do?” I love being asked these questions as I get an open door to share about what God has been doing and I never know what interesting conversation will develop as a result.

Where are you going in Africa?

We are headed to Western Tanzania, just south of a town called Mbeya. It is a 16-hour drive from the capital of Dar Es Salaam on the Indian Ocean. The map of Tanzania shows our travel route. I love maps as they make me want to explore areas less traveled.

Tanzania Map

What are you going to do?

As in previous years, we will share Bible stories and help train new Safwa missionaries. Did you know that most of the unreached world today can not read? So if a Bible will not work, how do you share The Good News of Jesus with them? You share and teach stories from the Bible orally. Kinda like telling stories around a camp fire and then talking about them.

Once they know the stories, they link them together to receive the whole picture. That is the way they learn. We have  an ongoing partnership with Christian brothers and sisters from the Safwa tribe outside of Mbeya. The Safwa are Bible-storying gurus, memorizing the key stories, and they all have a huge heart and commitment to spreading the Word to other tribes across Tanzania.

I can’t wait to see them again soon under the star covered canopy of the African bush.