By David Sinclair


We arrived safely back in Houston Saturday afternoon. On the way back, I had a chance to reflect on some of the events over the past two weeks. While the trip and mission is not about numbers, it is a way to communicate what happened. I also asked several team member what God revealed to them on the trip and have included some of those comments below.

Technical Information:

• The local church at Ifumbo was supported and encouraged.

• The Safwa missionary team @26 people were provided training in forgiveness, restoration, and the role of the Holy Spirit.

• Helped resolve a conflict within the Safaw team.

• Showed the Jesus film to 400+ people in Ifumbo and 2 surrounding villages.

• Shared the Gospel with @350+ children in 2 village schools.

• 50 +/- decisions for Christ throughout the 3 village area. Several families looking for a church home were also reached.

• Provided the Safwa team with 3 mini projectors containing the Jesus film complete with back packs, rechargeable batteries, speakers, tripods, and cloth screens with ropes that will allow the film to be shown in any location from a grove of trees to a soccer field.

• Provided the Safwa team with 20 additional solar powered mp3 players containing 83 Bible stories for use in training additional Safwa and sharing the Gospel.

Team Impressions:

“Realization that God is a work even when we’re not.”

“We prayed for God to prepare the hearts of those we would meet and he did. Why am I so surprised we were well received?”

“We communicated the Gospel and God did the rest.”

“I realized that I don’t need many of the things I thought I needed. True happiness comes from God.”

“Our cultures are different, but we have similar problems. The human condition is the same…we all need Christ.”

“Teaching is humbling and can convict you of issues not addressed in your own life.”

“You can trust God to take care of the details.”

“I learned how to better share the Gospel by watching others share.”

“I never realized my testimony could be important to someone else. There were people who were having the same struggles I had.”

“I was intimidated by the settings we were in from time to time, but God helped me overcome that fear through prayer and the boldness of other team members.”

“I was stretched far beyond what I thought were my capabilities were.”

The list could go on and on and I’m certain as you speak with the different team members, they will share more details of their experience. Each of us found out something new about ourselves and discovered more about how God works.

It was an honor and humbling to serve with this team. We really came together and supported each other. Where one was deficient, another filled the gap. We are truly grateful for all the prayers of support we receive from Katy to San Antonio to Austin to Amarillo to California to Bangladesh and other locations around the world. We are glad to be home, but will never forget the experience and how God worked in our lives and the lives of others.

Blessings all,