By Karl Kurz

Watched sunrise from my bed after a very good nights sleep. Breakfast and then a game drive. We saw many uniquely created animals and added cape buffalo and warthogs to our list. Ross and I witnessed a jackal jump into a bush and flush some grouse. He emerged with a grouse flapping futilely in his jaws. Our second predator kill was a kingfisher diving into the river and emerging with a small fish which he literally proceeded to relentlessly bash on a rock before flying off with his catch. A great morning game drive was followed by a great lunch and a couple of hour break for a nap. The nap never arrived. We sat on our bungalow porch and watched animals come to the river.  At one time, we had hippos, impala, warthogs, giraffe, kudu, and baboons at the same time!

Momma Monica and I were visiting and she reminded me of Amon’s testimony during our time with the Safwa. A powerful testimony of the son of a chief accepting Christ and then being rejected by his father. In this culture, it is a very big deal. Amon persevered and grew in his faith in spite of this setback in status, power, inheritance, and society.  Years late when his dad fell ill Amon brought him into his home and cared for him until his father died — in Amon’s arms. His father never accepted him back but Amon loved his father unconditionally just as Christ loves us.

Another good afternoon game drive highlighted by a herd of 200 cape buffalo crossing closely in front of our vehicles on their way to water (I spied 3 absolute trophies and am desiring one for the wall). We are continually reminded of God’s glory in creation. Too much diversity, beauty, and detail to deny a creator.

Tomorrow on to Dar. Trying not to think about the 12 hour drive in Tanzania!

God bless you all,