By David Sinclair


Sunday morning service was overflowing. There was a roll call for choirs. We responded “present” and performed to the best of our ability. While we did well, if this was the choir olympics, we would not have earned a medal. The Safwa choir presentation was very unique. I attempted to send a video earlier, but the size of the video exceeded the email limit, so this will need to wait until we return. Their basic message was “Blessed are the pure in heart”. An advanced aerobics class does not compare. The background music was electronic and the power was supplied by a generator that a young lady carried on her head up the hill this morning. The attached photo is the team and some of the Safwa immediately after this morning’s service.

The afternoon was free for those of us not teaching. My group (@11) were led by the local pastor to a high vista. We descended @300 ft to the creek to the south and below camp. We then ascended @1,000 ft (conservative estimate by others) to a ridge above the camp. The view was spectacular. The most amazing thing was that we came upon a home near the top. Corn, sugar cane, avocados, coffee, and beans were on the steep slopes near the home. We allowed Carol to remove her slip and tie it to her walking stick, so we could signal to the camp below (photo of camp attached). Aren’t we resourceful?

Weston and Travis played soccer with the locals. They were really impressed with the skill of the villagers. Travis managed to score a goal (a header). He’s the first team member to ever do this. Our record of being shut out has finally ended.

Oh yes, the pig! A pit was dug for our pig last night and Karl, Bill and others started a fire. The pig was wrapped in foil and banana leaves and placed in the pit. 19 hours later the pig (@55 kilos) was ready. A crowd gathered as we began to remove the dirt and banana leaves. The locals have never seen anything like this. Our cook and several others were careful to examine the process as I’m certain they’ll try to repeat it. Let just say there were some very happy people in Tanzania this evening at dinner.

As I write this, we are showing the Jesus film in a neighboring village. There are approximately 100 people watching the film. We should make it back to our village around midnight. It’s been a full day.

Blessings all