By Karl Kurz

Our first full day of ministry after a very cool night in the mountains of Tanzania was blessed. It began with a breakfast of donuts, yams, and coffee (all Tanzania style). I skipped the coffee and yams but enjoyed the donuts (lumps of fried dough that if covered with enough cane sugar are quite tasty).

Travis, Ridgeback Weston, Edwardi, and a couple of Safwa church members shared with three houses today and had two decisions for eternity. We have a new brother and sister for eternity! Many questions were asked with great discussions and contribution from Travis and Weston. God delivered this morning and blessed these two young men and service to Him. These two young men are growing in their faith as they see God move.

We had a unique experience at one house when a hawk desired chicken for lunch. The failed attempt occurred in very close quarters to us and resulted in quite a ruckus as chickens respond with voice and feathers!

Dinner was Ugali and greens. I opted for beef jerky and peanuts. Nothing against Ugali but I just can’t risk packing the old intestines with too much of the stuff. If you have seen it and touched it then you would understand.

Great day of worship, teaching, sharing, discipling, and evangelism. Haven’t had a download with the other teams to hear their stories of day as the schedule this year leaves very little downtime.