By David Sinclair


Happy Independence Day!

We began the day with the temperature in the mid-40’s and have been assured that we’ve experienced the warmest of mornings for the next 6 days. We had a beautiful day to travel. We departed Makambako at 8:30 AM and picked up 3 people in Uyala (a small town east of Mbeya). These 3 people will help serve as translators for the next several days.

While there we also met an “acquaintance” from a previous trip that is working with tribes to educate them regarding the deceitfulness of witchcraft. It hard to imagine that “witch hunts” still occur. He indicated that more than 500 innocent people were killed last year and more than 3,000 over the past several years have been killed.

From Uyala, we headed south on the highway toward Malawi. We began a steady increase in elevation and traveled through what appeared to be large banana farms. After approximately 25 kms we turned west and paved roads became a thing of the past. We continued a gradual assent to the village of Ifumbo. The ridge began to narrow and the dirt road transitioned to a walking trail. Mike Kelly said that when that happened he would get out and start walking — but, he backed off that thought real quick! The trail ended at the village church. It is at the tip of the ridge. The widest point is approximately 65 feet. This is also where we will be camped for the next several days. The slope on the sides of the hill can best be described in ski terms of “black to double black diamond”. It will be challenging over the next several days.

Mike Kelly spoke on the subject of the Holy Spirit tonight and Weston Benoit gave his testimony. Everyone is fired up and ready to go. We begin at 8:00 am tomorrow.

Blessings all