By Karl Kurz

Next time, I am ordering rice and beans at the Durbin Park Inn! The fish had fins so I know it was a fish. It took over an hour to be prepared because they fried it that long!  Still won’t get the chicken. I watched “Last Rites Ross” try to separate a leg from a thigh for 5 minute. Eventually he used a death roll to break it down and after at least 20 full rotations the leg came free from the thigh. After working his way through the meat to the bone, he said he felt like he had just spent 20 minutes flossing his teeth. We had quite a laugh and I didn’t even tell you about the feathers in the potatoes! Tanzania 2012 — wish you were here!

The morning temperatue was 49 degrees! How’s Houston? Sat with Bryan Sinclair at breakfast and heard how he has raised chickens and turkeys among other farm animals. Pleased to introduce Bryan “Birdman” Sinclair to you.

After 6.5 hours we finally arrived at Isabelo. It will be difficult to describe but I will try. Approximate elevation of 5400-feet, lush green mountains that top out at 7000-feet. Field after field of potatoes and beans, all on slopes ranging from 20 to 65 degrees. Lots of banana trees too! All the farming is by hand! We are camped on a ridge that is about 30 yards wide with slopes of 60-degrees on both sides that drop off at least 300 feet on both sides. Can you say AWESOME! God’s creation never disappoints. He is worthy of praise!

Camp is set and we are relaxing a bit after a long day. Lunch is been combined with dinner. Flexibility rules! Relaxing didn’t last long as over forty kids joined us for songs and Bible stories. I want so bad for you to see hear and feel the experience. As “No Hablo” Gil said, “I could go home now completely satisfied”. Dinner of Ugali and beans was quite tasty especially when enhanced by your choice of Tabasco, Louisiana red sauce, Louisiana green sauce, or Tony Chacherie’s. We have come prepared! Reminder: Ugali is corn flour boiled into a white paste that eaten here and sold as spackling I’m the states. You have to eat it before it sets.

Church service tonight of singing, teaching, and a personal testimony from Ridgeback Benoit. A message of redemption and deliverance from a great young man.

More to come and goodnight to all.

Anxious for more,